Our Process


Our detailed, flexible proposal for a film based on the thematic and visual needs of the client..


An assessment of budget, scheduling, and storyboarding for the smoothest filming possible.


The day of the shoot, where all the hard work gets put to the test.


Where the magic happens. Bringing the final vision to life.

where we started

Actions Lines began with three dreamers, a single camera, and some careful guerrilla filmmaking. Xavier Núñez wanted to free the world of dance from the constraints of the stage, and brought on a small team to see his dream turn into reality. The world is our canvas. We show up everyday to experiment and express the spectrum of human emotion through the confluence of dance and film. Our mission is to inspire as much as we entertain.

our team

Two renowned ballet dancers and one award-winning filmmaker walk into a room…and build a creative studio. Co-founders Xavier Núñez, Dylan Gutierrez, and Eric Grant lead each project as equal partners playing to our unique strengths. Xavier directs, choreographs, and edits. Dylan scouts locations, secures partnerships, and runs our social media. Eric produces, writes, and acts as assistant director. From pre-production to final cut, each of us has a say in the ultimate vision of each film. This is the kind of teamwork that brings groundbreaking stories to life.

our collaborators

action lines

Let’s create. Together.